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Guys! I'm thrilled to announce that our home was featured as this week's Small Space Squad Home Tour on Jojotastic! I'm a big fan of Joanna Hawley's blog and her previous features have included some of my design idols (Crystal Ann Interiors, Reserve Home and Jess Ann Kirby).



Residing in Toronto for the last decade (gawd, I feel old), small space living's become a way of life. I've slowly clawed my way up the square footage ladder: from my bachelor apartment days (400 sq ft) to our first place together (an 800 sq ft loft) and our current family home (1200 sq ft semi, not including the unfinished basement ).

I know, at 1200 sq ft our home's downright palatial compared to most tiny homes. While I'm honored to be included in the Small Space Squad, I feel a little like one of Cinderella's stepsisters trying to squeeze her fat foot into the glass slipper compared to some of the other Squadettes.

We're toying with the idea of going even smaller. Eric's always watching Tiny House Nation and sprinter van conversions on YouTube. He would actually be happy living in a van down by the river...


It used to be difficult to find inspiration for pint-sized interiors in the mainstream. Most small homes could fit inside those featured on the covers of Arch Digest and Elle Decor.

In the last few years, tiny home living has become a movement in its own right; inflated housing markets and climate change have funnelled more of us towards a smaller, simpler lifestyle that's more economical and environmentally-friendly.

It's easy to make a multi-million-dollar mansion look good with the hefty decor budget that goes along with mansion life (not that I'd know...I'll have to ask one of my doctor friends who chose a more lucrative speciality). But, there's something uniquely satisfying about taking a compact space and making it look good on a modest budget.

In this post, I'll share with you the best Instagram accounts for small space decor inspiration. But first, a peek at my own little IG account

Please follow me, if you don't already!


The Best Small Spaces On Instagram


1) Jojotastic

In addition to her stylish, little Seattle home, Joanna's Instagram feed boasts photos of other swoon-worthy small spaces. She hosts the popular hashtag #smallspacesquad. (Images via: Jojotastic)

2) 600 Sq Ft And A Baby

You're not really small space living until you have a Murphy bed in the kitchen and an IKEA shoe cabinet in the entryway. Alison Mazurek shares her 600 sq ft one bedroom apartment in Vancouver with her husband and two kids. Her space oozes clever, space-maximizing design and storage ideas. (Images via 600 Sq Ft and A Baby)

3) Homey Oh My

Amy Kim's cozy little LA apartment is full of Scandinavian decor inspo. (Image via Homey Oh My)

4) The Tiny Canal Cottage

Whitney wrote the book on functional small space living--literally. Small Space Style is one of my fave coffee table books. Whitney shares her 400 sq ft cottage-style home along the Venice Canal in California with her husband, son and two dogs. (Images via Whitney Leigh Morris)


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5) Tiny House Mama

You'd never know it from these shots, but this is a 950 sq ft bungalow in Toronto. Stacey, her partner, three-year-old and dog live here. (Images via Tiny House Mama)

6) Lana Gto

Lana Gaito's carefully curated Toronto rental is filled with Kijiji treasures and expertly styled vignettes. (Images via Lana_Gto)

7) Crystal Ann Interiors

Fellow Small Space Squadette, Crystal, has an IG feed that serves as the quintessential how-to guide for living with kids in a tiny NYC apartment. (Image via Crystal Ann Interiors)

8) Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels

Of course, no small space round-up would be complete without a converted mobile home! Dolly utilizes every square inch of this 24' x 8' trailer in Australia. (Images via Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels)


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That's all for this week! Check out Jojotastic's Small Space Squad Home Tours if you're hungry for more small space inspo!

Stay tuned for future posts on How to Hygge Up Your Home for the Winter and another installation of Minimalist Design Crush featuring a talented Canadian woodturner.


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