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Has your home been a hot mess since December? Has watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo made you resolve to finally get your clutter under control? If so, then this post is for you!


Each year, the holidays come around and you're too busy with Christmas shopping and holiday plans to deal with the mounting yuletide clutter.

Suddenly, it's January and your home's still filled with Christmas decor and torn up wrapping paper---oh, and lots of new clutter (err...presents). It can be utterly overwhelming.

To help you get started with some baby steps, I've compiled a list of easy things to declutter now (we're not talking your kid's first onesie or stuff your dead grandmother left you).

This is the low-hanging fruit of decluttering!

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Pain-Free, Post-Holidays

Easy Declutter Checklist


Christmas Aftermath​

  • Used wrapping paper/packaging

  • Gifts you received that you never plan to use (If you're afraid the giver will check up on these, you can always say they broke or got lost---in a donation bin!)

  • Greeting cards from this year (and previous years, while you're at it...unless they're from your dead grandmother...)

  • Christmas decor that hasn't made the cut in years (take it out of the rotation instead of storing it away another year)

Paper Items​

  • Take out menus (you can find them online)

  • Instruction manuals for appliances & electronics (also online!)

  • Old magazines

  • Old catalogues

  • Old agendas/calendars

  • Books you don't plan to read again (this includes old textbooks)

  • Tax documents that are over 7 years old

  • Receipts (take a photo/scan if needed for documentation)

  • Phonebooks, if you still have any lying around (do they even make these anymore?)

Kitchen Items

  • Tupperware containers missing lids/lids without containers

  • Odd-one-out plates or glassware

  • Excess plates and cutlery (you really only need one set of each)

  • Kitchen gadgets you haven't used in over a year

  • Cookbooks (I defy you to find a recipe that's not online!)

  • Duplicate items that you don't need more than one of

  • Mini condiment packets


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  • Expired makeup

  • Makeup you haven't used in over a year

  • Old perfume

  • Expired medicine

  • Hairbrushes and hair gadgets you never use


  • Anything you haven't worn in over a year

  • Anything that hasn't fit well for over two years (sorry to break it to you, but it's probably never going to fit again. If you ever lose that baby weight, celebrate with new clothes!)

  • Clothes that shrunk or got warped in the wash

  • Maternity clothes, if you aren't planning on more kids

  • Worn out clothes (holes, stains)

  • Anything that you don't feel comfortable and/or confident wearing

  • Socks missing pairs

  • Gloves missing pairs

  • Random buttons

  • Uncomfortable shoes (unless they're so beautiful it's worth it)

  • Ugly shoes (unless they're so comfortable it's worth it)

  • Old bridesmaids dresses (you'll never wear these again, no matter what the bride says)

  • Excess hangers


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Kids' Stuff

  • Outgrown clothes & shoes

  • Outgrown toys

  • Broken toys

  • Games with missing pieces

  • Duplicate toys


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  • Stained or worn out towels

  • Stained bed linens

  • Excess bed linens (you don't need more than two sets of sheets per bed)

  • Old pillows


  • ​Old cell phones

  • Old laptops

  • Old desktops (I think the last time I had one of these I was living with my parents, and it took floppy discs)

  • Old printers

  • Old gaming systems

  • Calculators (unless you're a math major, the one on your cell phone will do)

  • DVDs & DVD players (is there anything you can't watch online?)

  • CDs & CD players (see above)

  • Excess extension cords

  • Chargers for electronics you no longer own


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  • Dead batteries

  • Out-of-ink pens

  • Refills for anything you no longer own

  • Old keys

  • Locks for which you've lost the keys/combination

  • Dead or dying plants (I've been there...a lot)

  • Puzzles you've already completed

  • Old eye glasses or contact lenses

  • Expired bank cards

  • Expired membership cards

  • Souvenirs from events with little or no sentimental value (i.e. other people's weddings, generic vacations)

There you have it, a list of over 60 items that are easy to declutter now!

Don't forget, your trash may be someone else's treasure! Not everything you get rid of should become landfill; many of the things on this list can be re-sold, donated or recycled!

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