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Even though it's not technically fall yet, the kids heading back to school in early September feels like the end of summer. As if on cue, the weather's taken a cooler turn in the mornings this past week. I've been leaving the house in long sleeves and tights, instead of with bare arms and legs.

The slight chill in the air prompts not only a change in wardrobe, but in home decor.

I don't know about you, but I tend to anthropomorphize our home. I think of 'her' as a benevolent, almost mother-like figure. Your mother was your first home, after all! So, if I need warming up, so does she.

Thus, when I start piling on the sweaters and tights, this is followed shortly by chunky throws and darker coloured pillow covers coming out of storage and back into the mix.

I may also buy a new decor accessory or two each season (pillow covers are my weakness!), to keep things updated, and to replace anything that's become too worn. But, I try not to go overboard with 'trendy' accessories. Instead, I favour classic fall pieces that can be brought out year after year.

I try to limit myself to shopping only once, maybe twice, per season. With clothing, I stick to basics in black and neutrals, with room for a few 'on trend' items.

I have a similar approach to home decor. While I like to keep up with decor trends, it's not practical to opt for all-new accessories each season. However, I've found that there are recurring 'trends'---or, rather, collective proclivities---that come around each fall. These can be brought out year after year, so they're sustainable, both fiscally and environmentally!

In this post, I'll share some of this year's fall and winter decor trends that you'll be able to incorporate for years to come.

1. Black Accessories

A deeper, richer palette seems to be universally associated with cooler weather. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I tend towards white and neutrals in our home. However, I try to mix in some darker tones in the fall and winter. I favour black, since it's easily incorporated into all types of decor and is so versatile.

That being said, black, especially matte black, is having a moment right now. What's great about this 'trend' is that it's so subtle and classic, it's unlikely to look dated anytime soon.

I added a black pillow and throw to give our couch more of a fall/winter vibe.


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Black Chevron Throw Blanket ($25.99,

black belly basket

Black Natural Seagrass Folding Basket ($36.49, I'm a big fan of belly baskets and love the edge the black accent adds here.

Black Ceramic Planter ($13.99,

Delta Matte Black Kitchen Faucet ($335.44, Okay, so this one's not exactly an accessory you can switch out seasonally. But, I just love matte black faucets and hardware so much! We have this exact faucet in brushed brass, but seeing it in black, gives me buyer's remorse...


2. Velvet

I know what you're thinking...

When you first hear velvet, you don't exactly think sustainable home decor. You may be picturing a bold velvet couch in a jewel tone blue or green, the kind that's been so fashionable lately, it seems unlikely to be in style much longer.

However, if done right, and in small doses, you can bring velvet back year after year. I'm actually a fan of velvet pillow covers year-round. A neutral velvet pillow adds subtle elegance to any room---a classic piece with staying power.

In the fall and winter, I like to throw in some darker velvet accessories, like this lumbar pillow in navy blue:


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Black Velvet Pillow Cover ($7.99,


3. Heavier Textures

Hygge (the Danish word that loosely translates to coziness, or 'a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being' as per Oxford Dictionary) is something that will never go out of style in the fall and winter. Even before it became a home decor buzzword, getting cozy in the colder months has always been a thing!

My favourite way to cozy up our home is by adding chunky throw blankets.

A basket with a throw piled on top makes a great hiding spot for kids' toys in the living room!


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Chunky Knit Throw Blanket. I've been eyeing these arm-knit blankets for a while now. Digging the oversized pattern!

Faux Fur Throw ($39.50,


4. Candles

Another one to file under Hygge. There's no single, more economical way to add warmth to your home than with candles (especially, if like us, you don't have a fireplace!).

Bonus if you make it a scented candle; within minutes of lighting one of these, your home will smell like pine trees or mulled cider (two of my favourite cold weather candle scents). There are even 'fireside' scented candles!

On Christmas morning, we like to tune our TV to the Netflix fireplace channel; with the 'fireside' candle lit, it feels almost like the real thing!


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Cinnamon & Mulled Cider Candle ($29.95,

Fireside scented candle

Minimalist Candles ($24 each or $60 for set of 3). As far as I'm concerned, these are the best looking candles for a minimalist home and they smell even better than they look!

Flameless LED Tea Light Candles with Remote - 12 pcs ($11.99, If you like the idea of candles everywhere, but worry about fire safety, remote controlled tea lights are where it's at! These are especially handy in candle holders where the tea light isn't visible. They even flicker to mimic a real flame!


5. String Lights

With the days getting shorter and darker, you'll want to brighten things up at home. String lights are a fun, playful way to do this. I know what you're thinking...But, no, it's not too soon for these! I usually put them out after Halloween to quell my urge to bust out full-fledged Christmas decor until late November. With these battery-powered lights, you're not limited by power outlet location.


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There you have it! Five fall/winter 2018 decor trends that you can use year after year!

What do you do to get your home ready for the fall? Let me know in the comments below.

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