How to Hygge Up Your Home for the Winter

November 2, 2019


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It's November! Have you tossed your pumpkins and hidden your husband's razor yet? If you're a fan of the pornstache, no judgment. 


It's time to batten down the hatches and cozy up your home!



Nobody does it better than the Danes, who have an actual word for this: hygge. In case you've been living under a pop culture rock, hygge is "a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable." It's like a psychological survival mechanism against the cold, dark Nordic winters. Think sipping hot tea while curled up with a good book under a warm to a roaring fire...on a frigid January day.



There's no better way to brace yourself for winter than by adopting the hygge mindset.


In Canada, we're no strangers to long, bitterly cold winters. It gets so cold that I fantasize about what my life would've been like had my parents immigrated somewhere warmer like Florida or California, or even Ohio, for that matter... 



For a Canadian, I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold. I've been wearing my parka since early October. I start hibernating in November and only leave the house to forage for food. That's why it's so important that our home is extra cozy in the winter.


I've been subconsciously hygge-ing it up before hygge was a $200 Jeopardy answer (or is it question?). Candles, throws, string lights and hot tea are my crucifixes against the unholy threat of the cold. 


In this post, I'll share my list of hygge home must-haves to add comfort and joy to your home this winter.




1. A Chunky Throw 



Faux fur throws are my favorite, but any chunky throw will do. I like to switch ours out seasonally. The lightweights get replaced by their chunkier counterparts in the winter.


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Faux Fur Throw ($98.80, 


2. Sheepskin


Nothing cozies up a corner like a little sheepskin...or two.


This last shot was taken last Christmas. You get the point. I'm obsessed with sheepskin.



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 Australian Sheepskin Pelt ($89,





If you're not keen on real fur or looking to save some cash,  faux sheepskin does the trick, too ($19.99,


3. Baskets



Because you need to stash those extra throws somewhere.


Baskets are a versatile way to add storage, as well as texture and warmth, to a room. This is the one I throw last minute clutter into just before guests arive...


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 Felt Storage Basket ($11.99, One of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases.


4. String Lights



Why wait 'til Christmas to break out the indoor lights? There's nothing more ungodly than heading to work before sunrise and getting home after sunset. Painfully short days call for string lights to brighten up those dark corners.


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Dimmable Copper Wire Indoor String Lights ($5.71,



5. Scented Candles 


These are especially useful if, like us, you don't have fireplace. Cedar, cider and woodsmoke are my favorite cozy, winter scents. 


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Apple Cider Candle ($24, Brooklyn Candle Studio). 




 Woodsmoke Scented Candle ($24, Brooklyn Candle Studio). 



6. Candleholders



There's no such thing as too many candles/candle paraphernalia in the winter. Even when they're not lit, they embody a phantom flame sort of warmth.


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Nordic Candlestick Holder ($ 47.52,







Wire Cube Tea Light Holder ($5.54, 





 Geometric Tea Light Candle Holders  - Set of 2 ($13.96,



7. Shiny, Sparkly Things


Darker days call for some added shine to amplify what little daylight makes it in. Gold and copper accessories are my preferred means of doing this.



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 Copper Watering Can ($23.98,





 Gold & Glass Mister ($20.49,


8. Wooden Accessories


Wood's like the bread and pasta of home decor. It's a comfort material. Wooden accessories ground a home in laid-back ease.



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 Set of 4 Wood Bowls ($21.99,



9. Winter Scenery


This is in case you do too good a job hygge-ing up your home and need to remind yourself why it is you haven't left the house for five days. We snagged this vintage photo of snow-capped Mount Hood on a trip to Portland.


If you've been following along for a while, you'll know that switching art out seasonally is one of my tricks for adding seasonal flair without visual clutter.

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That's it for this week! Stay tuned for a future post on optical illusion furniture and another edition of Minimalist Design Crush featuring my favorite Canadian woodturner.




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