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For this third edition of Minimalist Design Crush, I want to introduce you to Rebecca Heasman, a talented Canadian ceramicist from Prince Edward County. She imbues everyday items, like planters and watering cans, with a beautiful simplicity.

Images via Rebecca Heasman.

Prince Edward County's one of my fave spots to spend a long weekend. Just two hours from Toronto, this picturesque cluster of towns offers beaches, vineyards, farm-to-table food, quirky vintage shops and a thriving artists' community.

It was here that I first came across Rebecca Heasman's work. I'd wandered into Coriander Girl, a charming little plant shop along Picton's main strip (everything's charming on this strip), when I saw the most perfect, little ceramic watering can. Its simple lines and neutral colors made me fantasize about it on our shelf.

I think you know how this story ends...

I've since become acquainted with Rebecca on Instagram (I have more friends on the 'gram than I do IRL #introvertproblems) and have acquired a few more goodies from her shop:

Her ceramics put a playful spin on modern minimalist design. You can check out Rebecca's Instagram for more:

Images via Rebecca Heasman.

If you're on the lookout for beautiful, handmade ceramics check out Rebecca Heasman's Etsy Shop.

That's all for now! Stay tuned next week for my round up of the best home organization products you can get on Amazon.


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