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It's been almost five years since our kitchen reno, the first of our major home renovations. 

There's still lots of work to do on our house, but resources are limited. So, we haven't renovated anything since the kitchen!

We've been taking a slow, piecemeal approach that allows us to recover financially (and emotionally!) between renos. 

Next on our list is the mudroom. Not because it's the one we're most excited about---redoing your mudroom's the reno equivalent of getting a pedicure in the winter---but because it's literally falling apart.


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Our house is over a hundred years old and, for the most part, has stood the test of time. Ironically, the mudroom, an extension haphazardly tacked on in the 70s, is now dilapidated and leaks when it rains or snows.

In the past year, it's gone from a trickle to a stream.

We've spent the past few weeks conceptualizing this reno and are meeting with an architect to draw up the plans this week.

We're working with a pretty small space, so I've been researching design ideas for small mudrooms and how best to maximize storage. Below I'll share my takeaways!

1. Build Up

Image via Decorpad.

When faced with a small mudroom footprint, take advantage of vertical storage space. You can store off-season or seldom worn items up high.

2. Go Deep

Image via: Home Stratosphere.

When you're short on space, make sure you take advantage of the full depth of the area you're working with---sometimes extra space can be found in between the studs. Love this hidden shoe storage! What a great place to keep those Louboutins your husband doesn't know about...

3. Be Open

Image via: Style Me Pretty.

Open storage will make a small mudroom appear loftier.

Also, you're more likely to return something to its rightful place when you make it easy: no cabinet doors mean one less obstacle preventing your kids from hanging their coats on the hooks; open shoe cubbies invite you to kick off your shoes without bending over or pulling open a drawer.

Image via: Studio McGee

4. Make A Mud 'Wall'

If you don't have a formal mudroom, separate from your main living area, consider adding some built-ins (or a pre-fab unit) along one wall adjacent to your back entry. I love this mud wall in Emily Henderson's kitchen!


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 All-In-One Mudroom ($1192.14,


5. Go Dark

Image via Lonny Mag.

A dark finish is a simple way to add drama to a small space. Bonus: dark colors also mask dirt and dings from day-to-day wear.

6. Divide and Conquer

Image via: Home Bunch.

Dividing your storage space into sections allows you to designate a specific portion to each family member. This makes it easier to hold the guilty party accountable when things start to unravel!


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Birch Storage Cubby Bench  ($284.88,

Mudroom Storage Locker ($196.99,


7. Use Baskets

Image via: Studio McGee.

Okay, so baskets aren't exactly a design element. But, if you've been following along for a while, you'll know they're my go-to for secret storage. Baskets are a great way to add functional storage to open shelving, as well as texture and visual interest.

You can always count on Studio McGee to have the best design ideas. I like the combination of open concept and closed-door cabinet storage here.


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Hyacinth Foldable Storage Baskets - Set of 3 ($48, I just got a set of these for our family room and they're my new favorite multi-purpose, storage baskets!


8. Repurpose Another  Space

 Image via: Pop Sugar.

Finally, if you're lacking a mudroom entirely, why not reclaim part of your pantry to serve this purpose?


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There you have it! The eight best design ideas I've come across for dealing with a small (or non-existent) mudroom. We'll be incorporating some of these into our own mudroom reno, soon. I'll keep you posted on the progress over the next few months!

Keep an eye out for my future posts: Travelling Carry-On Only With Kids, How to Incorporate Scandinavian Decor Into Any Room, and in April:'s Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge and the One Room Challenge. It's going to be a busy next couple of months!

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