Where to Hang Christmas Stockings If You Don't Have A Fireplace

December 21, 2019


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This is the time of year I miss having a fireplace the most. You have to work so much harder to hygge up your home when you don't have one. No amount of throws and candles will get you to the cozy level of a single, crackling fire.


There used to be a fireplace on the wall behind our couch, where our wreath is hanging. The previous owners got rid of it. Why? I'll never know...






The fireplace channel on Netflix is the best we can do.


  Click here for more on our Samsung Frame TV and gallery wall.




The other problem with being hearth-less at Christmas is the conundrum of where to hang your stockings. That, and having to explain to your kid how Santa gets into your home on Christmas Eve without committing a felony.


In this post, I'll share with you where we hang our stockings as well as my favorite fireplace alternatives for hanging stockings.

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Where to Hang Your Stockings If You Don't Have A Fireplace




1. The Stairs


I'm sometimes criticized for our not-so-festive, neutral holiday color scheme. So, here's a pop of bright red for you! Eric's mom made these stockings for us years ago. They're a festive throwback to classic, old school Christmas.



We wrapped most our gifts in kraft paper this year. Click here for more of our eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.





2. A Blanket Ladder


Image via Real Simple.






 Image via The Fresh Exchange.






3. A Shelf


Image via Designed Simple.





 4. A Set of Hooks


Image via Studio McGee.





Image via The Harriet House Joshua Tree





5. A Branch


Image via The Merry Thought





 6.  A Bar Cart


Image via Crate & Barrel





7. A Credenza


 Image via Crate & Barrel.




 Image via Emily Henderson. Emily Henderson can do no wrong.



That's all for this week. Wishing you all a happy holiday season filled with joy, peace and not too much Christmas clutter!


This is the last post of the year, but I'll continue to post our holiday home decor on my Instagram throughout the holidays! See you back on the blog in the new year!



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