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Welcome home! Our front entry. Nothing special. But, at least it's tidy!

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Ah, the entryway. Here, we find ourselves either rushing out or excitedly returning home, thoughtlessly casting off the day's residue before greeting loved ones or plopping down on the couch. Because we spend so little time here, the front entry is often overlooked and prone to accumulating clutter.

While this area is intended to be a drop off point for jackets and shoes (and also boots, parkas, and snow pants if you live here, in the Great White North!), it’s also the first part of your home people see. If your home were a book, the front entry would be the introduction—it sets the tone and lets people know what to expect from the rest of your house. So, it’s important to keep this space tidy!

In this post, I'll share tips and tricks from our home and beyond to help create and maintain a clutter-free entryway.