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Creatively Carving Out A Home Office In A Small Living Space

Guest Post By: Alice Robertson

Fitting a home office into a small living space can be a challenge. How do you fit all of the functional elements of an office into a pint-sized space?

Below are some ideas for carving out a home office when you’re short on space.

1. Reclaim the Guest Room

If you have a spare bedroom, don't waste it just on accommodating infrequent out-of-town guests. Add a desk and chair. That way, you kill two birds with one stone. Your guests may even appreciate the added functionality!

Image via Design the Furniture.

Image via My Domaine.

Image via Amazon (Vanity Table Desk, $132.26,

If the room's too small for a full-sized bed and a desk, consider a daybed, murphy bed, or pullout couch instead:

Image via Break PR.

2. Clear Out A Closet Space

If you can spare the storage space, why not put a desk in your bedroom closet?

Image via Steven & Chris.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

This vanity in neatntiny's makeshift walk-in-closet provides a work space and cosmetic storage.

Image via neatntiny.

3. A Kitchen Desk One of the best and most economical ways to create a workspace in a small home is to make smart, efficient use of your square footage. You can use a portion of your kitchen table or kitchen counter as a 'desk.' Or, if you're embarking on a reno, consider adding a small built-in desk space.

Image via Architectural Digest.

Image via Caro_KMartin.

4. A Hallway Desk Consider adding a narrow console table or wall-mounted, folding table in the hall, just wide enough to accommodate your laptop. You can easily and efficiently create a fully functional workspace in your hallway, by toting a chair over to the table, and returning it when you're done working.

Image via Architectural Digest.

Image via Ikea Hackers.


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5. A Desk Under the Stairs

An often overlooked area is the space under the stairs. If you have an empty space here, it's the perfect place to stick a desk. And, if you have the budget, a built-in desk and shelves can really maximize this space.

Image via Visual Heart.

Image via Adore Magazine.

Image via IKEA Nederland.


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Creating an office in a small home is a creative challenge. Try using the space you already have in unconventional ways. A perfectly acceptable workspace can be carved out just about anywhere!

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