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It's week three of the One Room Challenge! If you're just tuning in, I'm in the midst of transforming our family room over the next six weeks, as a guest participant in the ORC.


Click Here for Week 1 / Week 2


Last week, I shared my mood board and design plans for the room. We're going for a modern boho look:

This week, I'll catch you up on what we've done so far!

Painting the walls white somehow brought to light how grimy our grey couch had become. You may recall our dog naps on couches when he thinks no one's looking.

Because Charlie's often perched like this:

It started to look like this:

So, we treated her to a professional steam clean:

As mentioned in week one, one of my goals for this room is to spend as little as possible and make use of things we already have. Cleaning the sectional instead of replacing it was an obvious choice. Of course, this means the transformation may not be as dramatic as it could be. But, silver lining: the reaction to my credit card bill will be equally lacking in drama!

I love keeping up with new decor trends as much as the next girl, but we're trying to be more mindful of our spending and consumption...

The only big ticket purchases for this room were two CB2 Helix acacia bookcases, because we desperately need more storage in here.

I've been in love with these shelves since seeing them in

Kismet House and Crystal Ann Interiors' living rooms:

Image via: Kismet House.

They're the perfect combo of form and function: clean modern lines and shelves that are the perfect height for baskets (read: hidden storage galore)!

You may recall, we have a similar CB2 shelf in our living room. It's so much fun to style:

So...I ordered a couple of the acacia shelves! Here's one mid-assembly:

I recruited my two favorite assistants to put them up:

We also removed those horrid roller blinds and replaced them with simple, inexpensive curtains from the land of simple and inexpensive, IKEA:

I used three curtain panels; the middle one hides the sliding door frame, in an attempt to make them look more like large windows:


Shop This Look

Modern Grey Sectional ($1347.12, Our sectional is from Saba Italia. I'm too embarrassed to tell you what we paid for it (they don't even list the price on the website--it's that bad). We bought it in our pre-kid, financially irresponsible days!

Like the CB2 shelf but not loving the price? Here's something similar for a quarter of the cost: Wall-Mounted Wood and Metal Bookshelf ($99.99,


We also replaced this sad little ceiling light this week...

...with this fab chandelier from Sazerac Stitches, which used to be in our dining room (we got a new one in there). Rearranging and relocating furniture's one of my favorite, free ways to freshen up our decor!

This was a two person job. My four-year-old noticed I'd previously been snapping pics of the room for the blog and astutely offered to take this shot as my hands were full. It was a proud blog mama moment!

Stay tuned next week, when I'll do more shopping our house to decorate the room! I also have a fun little DIY project planned for this space!


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