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Today's post is a quick update of last year's review of our Comfort Works sofa covers, which just so happens to be one of the most popular posts on neatntiny!


One of the questions I get asked most on Instagram is where we got our sofa (I've been asked this a total of thirteen times, but it's still the most common thing I'm asked).

Some of you are surprised to learn it's from IKEA (the Soderhamn). Some of you aren't at all surprised given my love for all things IKEA.

We spruced her up with some quality slipcovers from Comfort Works...

....switched out her chrome legs with teak ones...

ikea replacement legs

...and added some high end throw pillows.

Pillow covers from Mae Woven, one of my fave handmade pillow shops on Etsy.

These little tweaks have elevated our Soderhamn slightly above the realm of textbook (errr, catalog?) IKEA.


comfort works review


We've had Comfort Works slipcovers on our Soderhamn for over a year now, so it's high time for an update on how they've been holding up.

Over the past thirteen months, they've survived a rambunctious little couch fort fanatic...

...and a sneaky pooch who takes sofa naps when he thinks no one's looking.

I know what you're thinking. A white couch is a bad idea for anyone with a child and a dog. Bonkers, even. I don't disagree. But, I'll be damned if I let parenthood dictate all my style decisions.

When living dangerously with a white couch under constant canine/juvenile threat, it helps if your sofa covers are removable and washable.

Ours have survived a year in our home without any permanent, noticeable stains.



Maybe the Norse gods have blessed this Swedish sofa.

Maybe it's the aggressive defense we play. We wipe our kid's mouth and hands after each meal, before he leaves the table; I put a blanket down before settling into a long veg session on the couch; and, the second I notice the teeniest, tiniest smudge on one of the cushions, I unzip the cover, rush it to the sink, and give it a good soak. Your sanity's the price you pay for a white couch.

Also, if you come near my sofa with chocolate or red wine, I will cut you.



So far, we've been lucky and have been able to spot treat out dirty paw prints, tea drips and even an errant pen mark.

When the sofa gets that not-so-fresh feeling, we have the luxury of stripping the slipcovers and popping them in the washing machine. We've put them through the wash twice, so far, and they've held up really well (I used the delicate cycle then hung them to dry).

They still fit perfectly.

There's some mild pilling, but a quick run through with our trusty fabric shaver every few months seems to keep it at bay.

The verdict after a year? Our Comfort Works slipcovers are still in great shape!


That's all for this week! Stay tuned for future posts on fall and winter decor, our gallery wall update, and windowsill decor ideas.


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