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Above is the gallery wall we currently have on display. Though, it probably won't stay that way for long...

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Gallery walls are a great way to make a visual impact in any room. And, they offer the ability to periodically freshen up your space, simply by switching out individual pieces.

I've been obsessed with gallery walls for years and have an entire Pinterest board to show for it. I realize their popularity may have peaked; but, like low-waisted jeans, I love them anyways!

While it may seem costly to obtain many smaller pieces of art instead of one large piece, there are definitely ways to build a gallery wall without overspending.

Here are my tips on how to assemble a stylish gallery wall on a budget:

1. Buy Gallery Wall Frames As A Set

So, we actually did not do this (our frames are mostly from cb2 and West Elm). But, after seeing how well-priced frame sets are, it makes me wish we had!

For the price of just one of our frames, we could have purchased this entire five frame set:

GALLERY PERFECT Black Wood Gallery Wall Kit - 5 pieces ($31.99).

Or, this seven frame set:

Golden State Art Metal Wall Photo Frame Collection - set of 7 ($31.99).

To add variety, you can incorporate individual frames of different shapes and sizes.

2. Take A Page From That (Art) Book

There are many beautiful, large coffee table books filled with artwork from a particular artist or groupings of artists. Acquiring one of these books allows you to add your favorite page(s) to your gallery wall, while retaining a reservoir of artwork for future use! Plus, there's something kind of meta about displaying a picture of a picture...

Our black and white print (1, above) is taken from this book, which has about a dozen of its pages torn out (a testament to what a great source of gallery wall content it has been):

Pulled A Catalog of Screen Printing

Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing.

A couple of my other gallery wall go-tos:

The Art Book.

Beaches - Gray Malin. The aerial coastline shots make for great pieces in the summer.

3. Frame Posters or Reprints

You can often find a poster that looks just like the high quality photograph it's depicting. Pop a frame on it and you have a sophisticated throwback to dorm room decorating!

Or, get a reprint that appears identical to the original.

Our floral print (2, above) was part of a set of 12 reprints from Zoe Bios Creative ( Unfortunately, last I checked, they don't carry it anymore.

Here are some similar options:

Instant Wall Art: Botanical Prints - set of 45.

Instant Wall Art: Vintage Map Prints - set of 45.

4. Be Resourceful

Think outside of the box (er...frame)! You don't need to stick to prints or photos; any item that can be framed or hung has potential. I've seen some gorgeous walls that incorporate everything from mounted animal horns to hanging planters.

On our wall, 3 and 4 are actually pieces of two different Anthropologie shopping bags. Anthropologie has the most gorgeous original artwork on their bags! (Bonus: when you make good use of the bag, you feel like you're getting your money's worth for that $80 candle).

These Anthropologie bags bear the artwork of Miriam Seo.

Other unconventional items I've framed include: patterned sheets, pillow covers, and old handwritten notes.

5. Frame Your Own Photographs

Photos serve to personalize your collection and act as reminders of adventures past! A previous iteration of our gallery wall included this beautiful photograph of the Atacama Desert, taken by my husband, during our trip to Bolivia a few years ago.

If you haven't been to Bolivia, put it on your bucket list. Some surreal landscapes to be seen there!

6. Use A Crowdsourcing Service for Affordable Art

I'm a huge fan of You probably already know this if you've read my post on styling floating bookshelves in your kids' room.

What's really cool: their inventory is curated from independent artists whose work gets voted in by customers on their site. You can also purchase prints with or without custom frames; buying pre-framed prints cuts your work in half!

In our gallery wall, 5 and 6 are each from

Torched - Kaydi Bishop ($44 usd,

Passage 1 Nell Waters Bernegger Minted

Passage 1- Nell Waters Bernegger ($25 usd, (I don't have the link for this one, but you can search for it on