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I love a good DIY. My favourite DIY projects are those that not only improve the look of your home, but also provide a useful function (especially if that function is storage or organization!).

I'm such a fangirl when it comes to the supremely skilled DIYers I've come across in my fellow bloggers. I'm truly in awe of their skill and ingenuity.

In this post, I've rounded up my favourite home decor DIY projects that are guaranteed to help organize and declutter your home!

1. DIY Window Seat With Storage (via Joyful Derivatives)

There's no better DIY than one that adds form and function to a space. That's why this one, by Rachel at Joyful Derivatives, really got my attention. She took an unused enclave of her home and outfitted it with a custom-looking window bench (with storage!) using---wait for it---IKEA kitchen cabinets! (If you haven't seen our IKEA kitchen reno yet, check it out!)

 Images via Joyful Derivatives.

2. Turn A Cardboard Box Into A Basket (via Elizabeth Joan Designs)

Can you believe the above basket is actually an Amazon box wrapped in jute? Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs came up with this clever, environmentally-friendly hack. These baskets would work well in the bathroom, kids' room or living room. I can't wait to try my hand it this (Lord knows, I have enough Amazon boxes lying around...)!


Love Baskets, But Don't Want to DIY?

Felt storage basket

Felt Storage Basket ($13.99,


3. Mounted TV With Hidden Cords (via House of Hepworths)

Is there any greater blight on an otherwise pristine wall than loose cords dangling from the television? Ben and Allison, of House of Hepworths, do a great job making the seemingly intimidating task of threading wires from your TV down through the wall look simple in their easy-to-follow DIY.

Images via House of Hepworths


Not Into Cutting Drywall?

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Cord Mate Kit ($25.99,


4. Clothes Repurposed Into Artwork (via Peonies On Pleasant)

My blogging buddy, Katie, over at Peonies on Pleasant came up with this simple, yet elegant, solution to the problem of what to do with those worn-out or out-of-style clothes you still love and can't bear to get rid of. This idea would translate so well to kids' clothes! I envision using fabric from that first-ever, worn-home-from-the-hospital onesie or that first birthday outfit, and putting the frame up on the nursery shelf, or as part of a gallery wall in your kid's room.

 Images via Peonies On Pleasant.

5. Between-the-Studs Shelves for the Garage (via the Handyman's Daughter)

I've never seen a more clever, space-saving use of that unfinished area between studs than Vineta's DIY garage shelves! What a perfect way to add storage to your garage, basement, or any unfinished wall!




More Garage Organization Ideas:

Rake, Broom, Tool Rack & Organizer ( $13.97,

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6. DIY Plywood Storage Box with Geometric Inlay (via Shark Tails for Remodelaholic)

I'm going to be real with you here, and admit that Allison's DIY for Remodelaholic, involving making an inlayed storage box from scratch is way (way, way) above my skill level. This is the kind of DIY that makes me wish I’d taken woodworking instead of home ec in high school. 

What a gorgeous and useful piece! I'm always going on about how much I love dual purpose furniture. If there was a Facebook quiz called 'which piece of furniture are you?' (Or, more likely, 'what is your spirit furniture?'), I would want to be this storage bench!


Shop Storage Benches

Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman ($34.99 

Lift-Top Storage Bench Ottoman ($39.49 


7. Office/Craft Room Pegboard (via Apartment Apothecary)

I thought I'd follow that last act with something a little easier, so we don't all lose our nerve for DIY! This simple DIY, by Katy at Apartment Apothecary, involves painting a couple of sheets of pegboard white, and mounting them on the wall. This one is definitely up my alley! 

If we had a dedicated workspace (or even a desk) in our home, I would put this up above it! I'm going to file this one away for my son's future desk. I can't believe he's starting kindergarten in a few weeks---where has the time gone??? I’m trying to spend a little more quality time with him before school starts, so you may find this post and the next few to be quicker-than-usual reads!


Shop Pegboards & Accessories

Office Pegboard Kit With Hooks ($37.99


8. DIY Command Centre & Kids' Art Display Wall (via Neatntiny)

Speaking of easy...

You may recognize this from one of my earlier posts. Okay, I'll admit, there may be some bias involved here! But, I'm pretty proud of this little DIY. I love that we turned a completely unused space into a functional home command centre, complete with a family calendar and a place to post bills and other things requiring action. It also doubles as a rotating display of my son's daycare creations! 




Shop My Favourites

Expandable Spice Drawer Organizer ($14.99 



 There you have it! 8 clever DIY projects that will help declutter your home! Do you have anything to add to the list? Planning on trying one of these? Please let me know in the comments below!

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