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This week, I'm kicking off the first in a series of periodic posts featuring home decor and organization stuff I love. In fact, I wanted to title this as such, but 'design crush' is slightly more sophisticated...

As a fan of modern, minimalist design, I've found it nearly impossible  to procure handmade, minimalist-friendly home goods that lie below the Herman Miller price point.

Well...recently, I did just that!

I was scrolling through Instagram (if you don't already, follow me here), when I saw this scroll-stopping wall magazine rack on KROFT Studio's IG.

Image via: KROFT.

Image via: KROFT.

I love the way wood and leather add warmth and character to the modern design. And, I can't resist things that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

It's as if whoever created this was staring into my design-loving, disorder-hating soul.

In fact, KROFT's mandate is to "make products that focus on bringing happiness and order to your home." Happiness and order are priorities in our home. And, if you ask me, happiness just isn't possible without order!

When styling this piece, I let its simple design take the lead. A minimalist print and mini cactus serve as subtle decor, while the right side of the shelf is reserved for storage of actual magazines and books. Imagine that!

I have a feeling this rack isn't the last KROFT-made piece that'll charm its way into our home.

A binge-scroll of KROFT's site uncovered a collection of clean lines and intentionally understated pieces. These objects are not only beautiful, but practical---perhaps, their beauty lies in their unembellished practicality. These include shelves, hanging clothes racks, floating nightstands and even a toilet paper holder, that are high on function and low on visual clutter.  


So, that's my first instalment of 'design crush!' I look forward to sharing with you more of my favorite things! Anyone else hearing Julie Andrews???

Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on IKEA must-haves and how to travel carry-on only when you have kids!


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