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I get that minimalism and the minimalist aesthetic are not everyone's cup of tea. But, there's something inherently appealing about a minimalist bedroom. 

If a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, a cluttered bedroom is a restless mind! It's nearly impossible to wind down in a room that's in disarray.

A minimalist aesthetic makes it easy to maintain an uncluttered, sleep-conducive bedroom.

Even if minimalism isn't for you, you may want to consider adopting minimalist decor solely in the bedroom. And, if you're thinking of becoming a minimalist, whether in practice or aesthetic, the bedroom is an easy place to start.

It even works well in kids' rooms! Take a peek at our son's minimalist kid's room here:

I know that in last week's post (DIY minimalist headboard) I said I'd share our bedroom revamp this week. But, it's just not feeling ready. Something’s not quite right...

So, I've been doing what I do whenever I'm stumped by a decor quandary: turn to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration!

Instead of scrambling to get our master bedroom done for the sake of having something to post this week, I'm going to let the room be for a while. It'll give us time to figure out what's lacking, functionally and aesthetically.

Admittedly, I'm not quite a minimalist in practice, but I'm a fan of minimalist design (along with Scandiboho and mid-century modern design). If you're skeptical of the minimalist aesthetic, I hope to show you how cozy and inviting it can be, when done right. There is no one way to do minimalism, afterall!

In this post, I'll share with you some inspiring minimalist bedroom ideas that I hope to draw upon as I complete our room!

Unadorned, monochromatic linens streamline the bed and allow the rest of the decor to pop. (Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel).

In this simple, neutral room, visual interest is added not by colour, but texture (the macrame wall-hanging  and chunky knit rug contrast with the shiny floors and smooth sheets). (Image via Almost Makes Perfect).


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Macrame Wall Hanging ($55 cad,


A bold pop of colour in an otherwise serene, neutral room keeps things interesting. (Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel).

You can get away with bare, white walls when you let oversized, luxurious linens and pillows steal the show. (Image via My Scandinavian Home).

 Knowing when to let the architecture do the talking: with decorative items kept to a minimum, this room accentuates the beautiful period flooring and moldings. (Image via Living By Lo).

Okay, so this one's more Scandiboho than minimalist... But, I love how cozy and inviting this room is, without seeming cluttered. The key is the constrained colour palette, tricking the eye into seeing less than what's there. (Image via Marzena Marideko).


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Chunky Knit Throw ($114 cad,


Irregular spacing of art above the bed adds visual interest using just a few pieces. (Image via Scandinavian Homes). 

 You may recognize this one from last week's post on DIY painted wall headboards. A half-painted wall is a great way to add visual impact to a room without a speck of clutter! (Image via Craftifair).

 Though there isn't a lot going on in this tiny room, the ornate rug and dramatic, black wall add atmosphere without disarray. Minimalism doesn't have to mean white, completely barren walls! (Image via decormagz).


There you have it! Nine inspiring minimalist bedroom ideas. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. I'm feeling inspired to incorporate a rug and a few pieces of art in our room! 

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