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This is a sponsored post. In exchange for an honest, unadulterated review, Pakt generously provided me with a Pakt One bag. This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure.

This week, I'm reviewing the Pakt One travel bag/carry-on. It's a duffel-suitcase hybrid that I've had my eye on for a long time. This bag embodies everything's about: keeping things organized, compact and stylish! Not surprisingly, it was created in collaboration with 'The Minimalists.'

I reached out to Pakt about trying out and reviewing their travel bag and was thrilled when they agreed to give me one in exchange for an honest review.


I always appreciate when things come in a pretty package and theirs is also environmentally friendly and plastic-free.

Looks even better out of the box!

At the time of this review, I've had the bag for four months and have taken it on two trips. Most recently, I used it as my multi-purpose travel bag on our family trip to Vegas/Death Valley/Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert.

Sporting the Pakt One at McCarran International Airport, waiting for our red eye out of Las Vegas.

The Pakt One doubling as as part of a makeshift munchkin bed at the airport.

Below is my review of the Pakt One and how I pack mine!

The Pakt One combines the on-the-go accessibility and shoulder-wearability of a duffel with the packing ease of a suitcase; the unique 'clamshell' style opening allows for full-access loading/unloading.

The smart design allows you to easily access items from deep within the bag via external zippers, without first having to set it down and open it up completely.

External Features

The Pakt One boasts a sleek, minimalist exterior, without any external logos. It's monochromatic, with black fabric and black hardware. (Comes also in grey and blue.)

It has a 35 L capacity, weighs 3.25 lb, and measures 20" long x 10" wide x 11" high.

The exterior is made of durable nylon and the zippers are water-resistant.

Up close: the stitching and finer details are pristine. This shot was taken after returning from our most recent trip to Death Valley.

It has a padded, detachable shoulder strap...

... and top-carry handles.

A loop on each side of the bag allows you to add on attachments via carabiner (i.e. water bottle).

It has four external pockets.

Two square, zippered pockets in the front:

and two long pockets on the back:

Front Pockets

The pocket on the left contains a key clip and three card holders. This allows you to use this pocket as a wallet, if you don't bring your entire wallet when you travel.

I attach my key pouch/wallet to the key clip, keeping it accessible, yet secure. I also keep our passports in this pocket.

The adjacent front pocket doesn't have any special internal features. I keep my makeup bag in this pocket. I limit myself to one small Ziploc bag of makeup when travelling. The Ziploc prevents crushed makeup powder and un-capped lipstick from damaging the rest of my luggage, and it doesn't add any bulk.

For more on my capsule makeup kit, see this post.

Back Pockets

On the other side of the bag, there are two longitudinal pockets.

One of these is an open pocket that runs the full length of the bag and has two magnetic snap closures; it's handy for stashing things on-the-go.

The other pocket is a zippered one on the surface of the open pocket.

It contains a small, zippered, mesh pouch that can be pulled outside the bag.

Pakt has dubbed this the 'TSA pocket,' as it's intended for your cell phone, liquids or anything that needs to be on the outside of your bag when passing through airport security scanners. The red stripe is meant to serve as a reminder to collect and re-pack the stuff you had to remove from your bag when passing through (i.e. laptop).

In this pocket, I keep all of my liquids (hand sanitizer, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, moisturizer, CC cream and toothpaste). It's made passing through airport security a breeze; I can easily pull this pocket out with one hand, while setting the bag down on the conveyor belt with the other.

Interior Features

The main body of the Pakt One is divided into three zippered compartments.

Unzipping the center compartment splits the bag into two halves, similar to the way a suitcase opens.

Each half of the bag can also be accessed when the central compartment is zipped shut, from exterior zippers on either side of the central zipper.


See this video demonstrating how you can access each of the internal compartments of the bag, whether the central compartment is zipped up or wide open.


When the central compartment is fully unzipped, the bag is divided into two main internal compartments. A transparent, mesh partition covers one side and a polyester partition with a large, padded pocket, the other.

I'm a sucker for packing cubes and use these ones from Amazon Basics each time I travel.

Amazon Basics Four Piece Packing Cube Set (, $19.99).

The Pakt One's built-in compartments mean packing cubes aren't a necessity. But, I like the added organization afforded by more compartmentalization (shocker, I know). They also make unpacking easy: you can transfer the entire cube, en masse, from your luggage into a drawer at your hotel or Airbnb.