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...Or, How to Make it Look Like You Don't Have Kids!

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When it comes to kids' stuff, the less of it you see, the more calm and uncluttered your home will feel. To minimize it from your sightline, I suggest designating a central repository (or two) for the majority of playthings to be housed (i.e. kids' room, playroom, basement, etc.). All other areas should be 'no parking' zones for toys in plain sight. (Click here for more on organizing kids' stuff).

Of course, you're going to need that LEGO set or firetruck to occupy your little one while you're in the kitchen making dinner or entertaining in the living room. This necessitates space for a few toys in your main living area. The best way to do this is by multitasking your existing furniture and storage. Below is a list of things that have served as toy storage, while preserving style in our living room.