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I've been a fan of time-limited cleaning challenges for years. These are a type A, OCPD girl's wet dream. But, I've yet to find one that suits our family's needs to a tee. So, I've done what any type A, OCPD girl would do, and created my own!

I'm so excited to bring you's 30-Day Spring Tidy Up Challenge, starting April 1st! UPDATE: It's started!

I'll be posting details for week one's agenda next week, on March 29th.

Then, in April, I'll be posting almost daily instructions for each day’s tidying task!

I'll be focusing on tidying up and decluttering rather than cleaning, because that's more my thing.

I'll also be improving on what I’ve seen in other such challenges and will try to make this as practical and enjoyable as possible. Because you're more likely to stick with it if you're having fun!

I'd love if y'all played along this year!

To do so, please subscribe to download a FREE, printable copy of my 30-Day Spring Tidying Challenge.


Here's a quick overview of how the month will be broken up:

Week 1: Kitchen & Dining Areas

Week 2: Entryway, Powder Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom

Week 3: Laundry Area, Supply Closets, Kids' Spaces

Week 4: Home Office/Papers, Junk Drawers, Basement, Garage


Need More Convincing?

Why This Spring Cleaning Challenge Is Better than the Rest:

- Blogging's not my only gig. Like most of you, I know what it's like to be busy--very busy (I have two other jobs and one of them is as an MD). So, I have a realistic concept of how much free time most of us have (or don't have), and have kept this in mind when drawing up the schedule.

- We'll start with the easiest, highest-visibility areas of your home to keep you motivated, then work our way up to the tougher parts.

For instance, the first task is to clear off your kitchen counters. You'd be amazed at what doing this one, simple thing will do for the appearance of your kitchen!

Click here for more on our kitchen.

This is followed by the entryway, powder room and living room/family room. This way, if you don't finish the challenge, at least your high traffic areas will be in tip-top shape after the first couple of weeks!

Click here for my post on how to hygge up your home.

- I've broken tasks up into smaller, more manageable pieces. For example, instead of cleaning your kids' rooms in one go, I've divided kid stuff into parts: one day for clothes/closets and one for toys/toy storage. And, of course, these are scheduled for the weekend, when those little monsters are home, so you can involve them in the process!

Click here for more from my son's minimalist kid's room.

- Tasks flow in a logical sequence. The most visible areas of the home are first, so that you’re bolstered by your progress as you go; the basement/attic is at the end, since this is most likely where you'll have dumped much of the fruit of your tidying efforts---it's going to need some extra love by the end!

- The most time-consuming tasks are on the 'weekends' (i.e. kitchen cabinets/pantry, kids' rooms, basement). I know not everyone has their weekends free (shout out to my fellow MD mom and shift-working friends!), so feel free to shuffle the order around to suit your days off.

- There are catch-up days built in. This accounts for the fact that tidying different areas will be more or less time consuming, depending on the home. And, happens.

Have I convinced you to take part this year?

If so, please join my public facebook page: to play along! I’ll be sharing some extra tidbits on this page and you can share your daily progress and get advice and support from others in the group.

It all starts April 1st! Here's where we are so far:


Also, coming up this month: I'm taking part in my very first One Room Challenge, in which we'll be transforming one room in our home over six weeks, starting April 4th! It's going to be a busy month on the blog!


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