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Most Stylish High Chairs

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Why is kids' stuff so unsightly??? It's like children's manufacturers have a secret mandate to make things that stand out, like a sore thumb, in your home. Especially if you're trying to achieve a modern or minimalist aesthetic. There are some exceptions, of course, like Hape, which makes beautiful, wooden toys with clean lines, contemporary design, and a judicious use of color.

Hape toy kitchen

The Hape Play Kitchen: keepin' it neutral in my son's room.

High chairs, in particular, are a tragic addition to most dining rooms. In this post, I'll share the most stylish (or, least hideous) high chairs for modern and minimalist decor.


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When shopping for my son's high chair, we found few options that weren't totally cringe-worthy. Our first floor is open concept, so our dining table is visible at all times.

My son's Oxo Sprout High Chair doing its best to blend in.

Oxo Sprout High Chair

To be honest, we relegated it to a less conspicuous corner of the kitchen, when not in use. For more on my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, check out this post on how to keep your kitchen counters completely clutter-free!

Here are my picks for the most stylish (least hideous) high chairs currently available.

This is (was) our high chair. Nothing fancy! And, I'll admit, it's probably the least stylish option on the list. We chose it primarily for its neutral colors, simple design, and reasonable price. It's sturdy, and I can attest that the off-white tray is stain-free, despite being used as a plate for spaghetti and beets.

It can be converted into a toddler chair as your little one grows. But, honestly, as soon as my son was capable of sitting in a regular chair, it was exiled from the dining room!

Oxo sprout high chair

Oxo Sprout toddler chair

The Oxo Sprout converted to toddler seating.

This Scandinavian-inspired, beech wood high chair has a delightfully diminutive footprint and profile. It's nearly invisible when viewed from the side! And, it's ergonomically designed to get your baby as close to the table as possible. It also grows with your child, transforming from a high chair, to a toddler chair, and even adult seating! Accommodating a fully grown person is something unique to this high chair. (Though, in a pinch, I've sat in my son's Oxo Sprout in its toddler seat form when company was over and we didn't have enough seats)!

In retrospect, this probably would have been a better fit in our dining room. Though, it's certainly pricier than the Oxo Sprout.

Stokke Tripp Trapp


This may be one of the rare instances in which a high chair was actually designed to add style to your home. This chair is even touted as 'a piece of art' by the manufacturer. Beware, though, it's reflected in the price (almost $600!), which is at least twice that of others on this list. Admittedly, it's a beautiful, modern high chair that converts into an even more beautiful, Eames-esque toddler chair. This goes on my 'if money weren't no thing' list!

Micuna Ovo High Chair

The Micuna Ovo High Chair in Black.

Micuna Ovo Toddler Chair

The Micuna Ovo converted into a toddler chair.

This would be my overall pick for look, functionality and price (currently $170 on Amazon). If this were available when we were chair hunting, I would have added it to my cart in a heartbeat! It has a similar appearance to the Micuna Ovo, at about a third of the price. It's simple lines would work well in any modern, minimalist home. And, like all of the other chairs above, it has an adjustable seat height and converts to a toddler chair.

Asunflower High Chair

Asunflower High Chair

The Asunflower High Chair converts to a shorter, toddler chair.

Not a fan of any of the above? Or, of any high chairs for that matter? Then consider this portable, clip-on chair that can be used at the dining table or kitchen counter. It folds flat, allowing for storage in a kitchen drawer when not in use! Now you're speaking my language! It's also the most economical option of the bunch (currently under $70 on Amazon). I should consider adding this to my post on must-haves for maintaining a tidy kitchen (with no traces of littles).

Mountain Buggy Pod Clip On

Mountain Buggy High Chair

The Mountain Buggy Clip-On Chair tucks neatly into a drawer.

There you have it! My suggestions for the most stylish high chairs!

If you're a regular reader, you know by now that I'm all about maintaining style in your home, even after kids. I have an entire post on how to make your living room look like you don't have kids!

My son's three now, and has been sitting in a regular, 'big boy' dining chair for the last six months or so---I celebrate any milestone that has a positive impact on our home decor!

High chair's gone! (Those teal seats are the next to go! Will post our reupholstering project soon...).

It's not even in the corner!


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Most Stylish High Chairs

Which high chair do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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