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When it comes to the Christmas tree, whether you're on Team Real or Team Fake, we're all united by the same age-old conundrum: how to hide that unsightly tree stand.

For years, the most popular solution's been a tree skirt---but, they conceal only the floor-bound part of the stand. The vertical portion will be visible until you have enough gifts under the tree to spoil your kids rotten.

The solution? A basket collar!

Putting a basket around the base of your tree covers the tree stand and gives the illusion that your tree may actually be alive, taking phantom root within the basket.

But, how to find a basket big enough to fit your tree stand inside? And, is putting your tree, stand-and-all, in a basket the safest solution---especially if you have kids or pets?

With this DIY, you can use almost any large basket to give the illusion of a tree in a basket, all while keeping the stand firmly on the ground!


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How to Make A DIY Christmas Tree Basket Collar

What You'll Need

- A Large Basket (ideally, the diameter of the basket should be at least as large as the base of your tree stand---but you can make a slightly smaller basket work with this method).

- Heavy Duty Scissors

- Jute Rope or Twine


Looking For A Good Tree Basket?

Jute Basket ($23.37,

Woven Rope Storage Basket ($22.99,

Extra Large Belly Basket ($18.89,

Extra Large Twisted Seagrass Basket ($104.99,



Before I begin, I apologize in advance for the retrospective nature of this DIY. I 'made' this last Christmas, and while I'll show you how we're using it on this year's tree, it's missing some pretty basic before shots. But, you know what a basket looks like before it's hacked up, right?

1. Cut the bottom out of the basket.

2. If your basket's not large enough to fit around the tree stand (or if you already have the tree up and don't want to lift it into the basket): cut a slit in what will be the back of the basket, all the way through from the top to the bottom.

3. Wrap the basket carcass around your tree stand.

4. If using a wicker basket: tie a knot at one end of the jute rope and thread the other end through a gap in one side of the cut end of the basket, then thread it through a gap in the opposite cut end of the basket. Continue stitching through the basket with the rope, like you're suturing it back together.

If using a fabric basket: you'll need to poke holes in the fabric before you can thread the rope through.

The ends don't have to touch. Keep it loose enough to fully encompass the tree stand, even if this means the ends of the basket aren't fully apposed. My surgeon friends aren't going to like this...

When you're satisfied with the way the basket fits around the tree, tie a knot at the end of the rope and cut off the excess.

Just one of the reasons I didn't end up in a surgical specialty...

5. Rotate the basket until the Frankenstein end's at the back of the tree, facing the wall. If your tree's in the center of the room, you'll need to lean a pillow/present/small child against the basket to conceal the hack job.

6. For added concealment, you can drape a blanket over top (like we did last year):

What do you think? Are you planning on putting your tree in a basket this year? If you try this, let me know how it turns out!

Keep an eye out for future posts on Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas, How to Give Your Light Fixture A Festive Makeover and a special holiday giveaway contest I'm running with some of my favorite local makers and small shops!


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