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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know our home's full of IKEA goodness.

I've been an IKEA superfan since my first Swedish meatball in that big, blue and yellow building. It's where I ask to spend each Mother's Day (the only day of the year Eric'll stroll through the entire showroom with me at a leisurely pace...). And, I'll keep coming back until I've outfitted my last room in the old folks' home!

Now, you may think it's odd for a doctor in her mid-( to be this obsessed with IKEA. But, as a fan of clean, modern design and affordable pricing, how could I not be???

IKEA has something for everyone, regardless of age or budget.

Even if you're not into IKEA's modern, Scandinavian aesthetic, there are many pieces you can seamlessly incorporate into any room; their neutral staples are perfect for grounding vintage and eclectic pieces.

Our living room's a combination of family heirlooms, vintage finds and IKEA staples.

Below, I'll share my ten favorite IKEA home decor pieces. Stay tuned for a future post on my favorite IKEA home organization solutions!

1. Mosslanda Picture Ledge

A picture ledge is an efficient way to add decor and storage to any space. It's a non-committal, putter-friendly means of displaying art and tchotchkes.

IKEA's white Mosslanda ledge provides a simple base upon which to showcase just about anything, at an unparalleled price.

We use a Mosslanda ledge in our living room to showcase art and plants...

...and in my son's room for toys, books and Owen's own creations.


2. Frosta Stool

This little stool is perfection.

Frosta Stool ($24.99,

It has minimal, modern bones and is a pretty good dupe for Alvar Aalto's iconic 'stool 60' at about 1/20th the price!

Image via

We use it as a side table, but in a pinch, it's extra seating at the dinner table.

A couple of small side tables work better than a single, large coffee table in our narrow living room.

3. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp

There's something magical about this light fixture. It seems to work in any space and with any style; from a boho bedroom to a midcentury-modern dining room, the Sinnerlig just works.

IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp ($99, Also available on Amazon.

Here it is over our dining table.

We replaced the black base and cord that come with the lamp with a white set (also sold at IKEA), to match the ceiling.

I love the handwoven lattice bamboo. It adds a natural, laidback vibe to our otherwise formal dining area and aids in the transition to our relaxed, modern boho living area.


You can now shop our home on my *new* Amazon Storefront!

neatntiny amazon storefront


4. Hovsta Birch Wood Frames

I'm really feeling birch and light woods right now. They add a natural vibe without the overpowering visual impact of darker wood, and they mesh well with all decor styles.

We have these little, square frames scattered throughout our home. They're the perfect size for on-shelf decor.

5. Latt Children's Table & Chairs

Why is kids' furniture so expensive and unsightly?

It's refreshing to see kids' stuff that's neutral with clean lines and an affordable price tag.

My son's Latt set has worked well as an activity table in his room and as extra kids' seating at dinner parties.

For more on my son's minimalist kids room see this post:

minimalist kids decor

6. Sofas with Removable Covers

Listen up sofa snobs! We've a had a sofa from Restoration Hardware and another from Saba Italia that was made-to-order in Italy. The couch that gets the most play? Our IKEA Soderhamn! At this price, you can't beat IKEA sofas.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram is probably sick of seeing this couch in our living room.

We pimped ours by switching the chrome legs with teak ones from Pretty Pegs and using washable sofa covers from Comfort Works.

These removable, washable covers are my secret to maintaining a white couch in a home with a four-year-old and a dog!

You can check out my review of our Comfort Works sofa covers here:


7. Fladis Seagrass Baskets

Fladis Basket ($14.99, IKEA).

Seagrass baskets are great for storing just about anything (toys, books, magazines, last-minute clutter moments before guests arrive..).

We didn't get ours from IKEA, but we have seagrass baskets in almost every room. They're the most versatile of storage vessels and add nice bit of texture to your space.

8. Fjalkinge Shelf Unit

These slender shelving units disappear into a white room, allowing your display items to take the spotlight.

We don't have these in our home, but I'm in love with the way my friend and design crush, Lita Lee of Crave Interiors, has styled them in hers.

Image via Crave Interiors.

9. Overallt Outdoor Patio Set

This is the perfect, modular patio set for a small, urban yard.

The Overallt collection is new to IKEA. I spotted it on a recent walk-through and it stopped me in my tracks.

I love these curved, MCM-inspired benches. I snapped a couple of shots in our local IKEA showroom:

The Overallt is on our wish list for the patio, but we're going to wait 'til after our mudroom reno, when our yard's usable again.

10. Alseda Stool

Just like the Sinnerlig pendant light, this banana fiber stool works in just about any room with any type of decor. Living in a small space, I appreciate its multi-functionality; when stacked, these work as an ottoman, coffee table or extra seating.

Alseda Stool ($39.99).

We love them so much, we have two sets.

One in the living room...

...and one in our newly made-over family/tv room.

For more on our One Room Challenge family room makeover, see this post:


So, that's my '10 best' list of home decor items to get at IKEA.

Stay tuned for a post coming up soon on my favorite home organization things to get at IKEA!


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