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It's Black Friday! If you're anything like me, you're avoiding the mall like the plague. Also, if you're like me, today's a reminder to start Christmas shopping.

This week, I've updated and compiled all of the gift guides (and other remotely relevant round-ups) I've put out in the last couple of years. There's something here for *almost* everyone on your list:

1. Dads

gift ideas for dads

2. New Moms

christmas gifts for new moms

3. Kids

christmas gift guide for kids

4. Minimalists

minimalist gift guid

5. Coffee Table Book Lovers

best coffee table books for decor

6. IKEA Fanatics

best things to get at ikea



I know, it was a short one this week. But, what do you expect? I have Christmas shopping to do!

Keep an eye out for future posts on Our DIY Christmas Tree Basket, Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas and an awesome giveaway with goodies from my favorite online shops!


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