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If you're just joining us, check out the link above explaining how it works and the links below for what we've covered so far.

Don't feel like decluttering the whole house? No problem! Just pick and choose:



Day 10: Catch Up

Day 11: Powder Room

Day 12: Living Room


Day 15: Laundry Room

Day 16: Linen Closet

Day 17: Home Office

Today we're organizing the bathroom(s)!


If you haven't already, please subscribe for a free, printable 30-Day Spring Tidying Challenge schedule!


1. Empty the bathroom, including all counters and cabinets.

2. Clean. Sweep or vacuum and mop the floor. Spray clean the mirror, counters, sink, tub and toilet.

3. Decide what to keep here.

- Get rid of empty containers (i.e. of shampoo/lotion/toiletries).

- If you have duplicates of the same product open (we're often guilty of having several shampoos/body washes going at once), consider putting extras in a supply closet until the emptiest one is used up.

- Get rid of any expired makeup/toiletries, or anything you haven't used in a year.

Our sad little bathroom is awaiting a long-overdue renovation. There's not much storage in here and we've resisted the urge to spend any time/money improving this, since we know a reno's coming...eventually...

We have a single, tiny below-sink cabinet and a small IKEA cart serving as our only bathroom storage. Because we're planning to renovate, we haven't even bothered to replace the vinyl flooring or the tattered bath mat, for that matter!

We've adapted by keeping only what's absolutely necessary in the bathroom and relocating everything else where there's more room. For instance, I keep my makeup and hair accessories in the walk-in closet vanity and we keep bathroom cleaning supplies in the supply closet downstairs.

Anyhow, most of you will have more bathroom storage than we do, so I'll share with you some worthwhile inspiration:

Image via: Tidbits. Love the idea of a dental care drawer. Here's to keeping toothbrushes off the counter!

Image via: Domestically Creative. I like the idea of a section just for cotton balls and swabs.

Image via: Just Another Mummy Blog. Bins are the perfect solution for under the sink organization. Bonus if you label them!

Image via: Buzzfeed. I love how even the space on the inside of the medicine cabinet door can be put to work.

4. Divide everything from the bathroom into four groups/bins.

i) belongs in the bathroom

ii) belongs elsewhere in the house

iii) fit to donate/sell used

iv) garbage/recycling

5. Return the things you've decided to keep in the bathroom and organize neatly.


Shop Bathroom Organization

Cosmetic Toiletries Organizer ($16.19,

Set of 2 Bathroom Wall Shelves ($29.99,


6. Redistribute the items that belong elsewhere in the home.

7. Donate. Take the boxes designated as 'to sell/donate' and put them somewhere out of sight, but accessible (i.e. mudroom or basement). You'll continue to add to these each day for the rest of the month, with the casualties of each day's tidying task. At the end of the month, you can make a trip (or several) to your local donation bank and/or go on an online selling spree.

8. Dispose of and/or recycle items from the designated garbage/recycling bins.

That's it for day 18! Check back again tomorrow, when we tackle the kids' closets! Don't forget to follow my One Room Challenge makeover!



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