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...That Don't Involve The Fridge!

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This week, I'm sharing some clever ideas on how to display kids' artwork in the home!

Is there anything more endearing than your child's face, beaming with pride, as he pulls from his backpack his latest work of art? It may look exactly like the brown blob of paint on construction paper he brought home last week, but that one was a helicopter and this one is a bear, silly Mommy!

Each Friday, my son, Owen, comes home with his backpack bursting at the seams with that week's daycare creations. We've started keeping just the best one (or two) of these weekly, for storage in the basement. We've filled two large bins, so far, and he's not even four yet! So, we’re probably going to have to be more discerning before he starts kindergarten! Look out for a post on kid's art storage this over the next year or so, once I figure out a good system.

Needless to say, not all of Owen's creations are keepers. But, we try to nurture pride in his work. We've found that displaying some of his pieces around the home has really bolstered his self-esteem. He loves it when friends are over and he can point to his art framed up on the