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Ever since Netflix unleashed Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on our vulnerable, resolution-hungry psyches on January 1st, it seems like everyone and their mother's been drinking the KonMari Kool-Aid.

The KonMari effect: a real ad spotted on one of my local, Facebook buy/sell groups within a week of Tidying Up being released on Netflix (name and group blocked out to protect the innocent).


So, what do you do now that you've done away with all your non-joy-sparking things and your living room contains only a couch, coffee table and TV? Embrace minimalist decor, of course!

I've been into minimalist decor, or aesthetic minimalism, for a few years now. According to Apartment Therapy (aka the decor e-bible), there are six types of minimalists.

Any 'essential minimalist' will let you know there's a vast difference between them and 'aesthetic minimalists.' In fact, there's almost a elitism amongst hardcore, essential minimalists; they wear their ability to get by with only five shirts and two pairs of pants as a badge of honor.

I'll admit that having a penchant for nearly-bare white walls and uncluttered surfaces does not a true minimalist make. But, I'd argue that an appreciation for minimalist decor can be a gateway to a more minimalist lifestyle.

If you adopt a minimalist aesthetic, you'll find that you simply just can't have as much crap as everyone else (unless you keep a lot of it stowed away in the attic or a storage locker). Is poser minimalism a thing?


Many believe minimalist decor's easy: you simply decorate with less. I find the opposite is true. It takes an appreciation of negative space and a whole lot of restraint to know when to stop---when a room is just right.

If you're looking for some minimalist decor inspo for your newly KonMari'ed home, I've rounded up ten of the best minimalist home decor Instagram accounts for you to start following now!

Just as minimalism means something different to each minimalist, there are lots of different ways to do minimalist decor. These styles range from modern and nordic to boho and traditional.

But first, a taste of my own little Insta. If you're not already following me, please do!

minimalist shelf
minimalist frame without picture
minimalist white ikea kitchen



The 10 Best Minimalist Decor Instagram Accounts


Liz Bachman does minimalist decor with a mid-century modern, laidback vibe.


Set of 4 Eames-Style Dining Chairs ($75.99,


Sarah Sherman Samuel's been a long-time design hero of mine. She does what I consider luxe minimalism (or, if-I-had-a-million-dollars minimalism). If you want to know what my dream house would look like, check out the rest of the pics from the house she designed for Mandy Moore!


Strata Walnut Twist Stool ($111.99,


Andrea Handojo has mastered the art of black-and-white minimalist decor.


Wire Grid Panel Organizer ($22.99,

Rose Gold Wire Panel Organizer ($27.99,


Lauren MacLean's gorgeous Old Montreal apartment is the perfect intersection of vintage/boho and minimalism.


Rivet Velvet Channel Tufted Sofa ($899,


Another fellow Canuck, Kassandra Dekoning, puts a family-friendly, farmhouse spin on minimalism in her country home. This is how you do minimalist decor with kids!



Interior stylist, Maddy Evennett's light and airy home is expertly speckled with global and coastal touches. See, there is such thing as a non-white minimalist kitchen!


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Do you recognize this image from my minimalist entryway round up post? This is the entryway to which all entryways should aspire! Molly Madfis' IG account is all sorts of neutral minimalist perfection.


Umbra Round Entryway Mirror ($150,


 Johanne and Lukas' Danish loft is the epitome of lived-in, cozy minimalism. Their IG account is one of my favourites for nordic design inspo.


Large Hand-Woven Storage Basket ($48.99,


I've been stalking (errr...following) Amy Kim on Instagram for years, now. Her TV gallery wall set up is what inspired me to go for it with our gallery wall.

Danish metalworker, Nichlas Andersen, creates all things minimalist decor, from bathroom hardware to implements of entryway organization.



There you have it! The 10 best Instagram accounts to follow for minimalist decor inspiration! Which are your favorites? Any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep an eye out for my future posts on how to make money selling decluttered stuff online, date night ideas under $50, and how to make a capsule wardrobe.


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