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Confession: I'm not a fan of Halloween decor. It's intentionally tacky and unabashedly over-the-top.

Last year, for my son's sake, we put a single jack-o-lantern on the porch, draped fake spider webbing over a bush, and called it a day; I've never even bothered decorating the inside of our home. I may just be the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween (which is ironic, considering my love of scary movies and candy)!

I wrestled with whether or not to post anything on 'Halloween decor.' Then I imagined what you'd think if this week's feature, just days from the 31st, was another bedroom makeover post. 'WTF, Jo??? Enough with your effin bedroom! Where's the Halloween stuff?!?!'

So, I decided to put a 'neatntiny' spin on Halloween and share some not-too-tacky, minimalist(ish) Halloween interiors. Is there such thing as classy, Halloween decor??? You be the judge!

But, first, my own humble, last minute contributions:

I switched some of our existing artwork with 'spooky' images from my med school anatomy textbooks (never thought those would come in handy again!). I won't lie, it felt like pure sacrilege tearing pages from these hallowed texts. But, I feel like they've been given new life as decor!

Not to worry, non-MD friends! If you Google 'skeleton' or any other Halloween-y term, you'll be able to find something spooky online to print from home!

Anyone who's seen the inside of an anatomy text will know, there were more macabre images from which to choose. I was tempted to use a cadaveric sagittal section, but I have a four-year-old at home and don't have room in the budget for therapy. Also, nothing scares me more than neuroanatomy and dental work (maybe the image of loose teeth will serve as a reminder to take it easy on the Halloween candy this year...).


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Color Atlas of Anatomy ($40,

Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy ($78.80, These are the texts from which the above pages were torn!


Now for my favourite, non-tacky, Halloween interior ideas from the rest of the interweb!

Though this room has spook factor in spades (skulls, crows, cobwebs, bats and mysterious elixirs), the constrained colour scheme doesn't assault the eyes. (Image via: Kirsten.Diane.)


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Decorative Bats Wall Decor - set of 28 ($7.99,


A single, over-sized arachnid adds Halloween spirit without the clutter. Bonus points for minimal clean up on November 1st! (Image via: mstarrevdesign.)


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Giant 5 Ft. Plush Spider ($9.99,


Three off-white, painted pumpkins on this minimalist/modern console table give the impression of celebrating the season without compromising the underlying aesthetic. This is a woman after my own heart! (Image via: Homeyohmy.)

There are a few too many pumpkins for my liking here, but this mantle is playful and well-styled. You can't go wrong with a letter board! This would make for fun Halloween party decor. (Image via: Apartment Therapy.)


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Felt Letter Board ($22.99,

19" Posable Halloween Skeleton ($13.95,


Decorative bats, painted pumpkins and spiderweb placemats add Halloween spirit to this already playful (but tidy!) playroom. (Image via: Threetimesahome.)

Can't go wrong with painted mini pumpkins and candles! (Image via: Kylie Warner).