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In this week's post, I'm sharing my favourite planters for modern, minimalist decor.

I often find myself torn between a minimalist aesthetic and boho decor. I love the look of an earth-inspired, plant-filled space, but having too much of anything is a no-no in minimalism. Previously, this problem was purely a philosophical one; my black thumb prevented me from keeping more than a couple of plants alive at any given time.

However, with the help of self-watering planter inserts, we currently have nearly two dozen houseplants (alive and well!) in our home. So, I've had to find a way to get my plant babies to fit in with the rest of our decor.

In this post, I'll show you which planters we use to complement our modern, minimalist aesthetic.

1. Geometric Planters

Our kitchen shelfie.

Anyone following my Instagram feed will know that there's a whole lot of white in our home! With a monochromatic colour scheme, incorporating different shapes and textures can help add visual interest. And, nothing says modern minimalism more than geometric shapes.

Our little Pilea plant in one of my fave planters.


Shop this idea:

CB2 Bennie Low Vase-Planter ($29.95).

Bloomingville Ceramic Fluted Flower Pot ($13.96).

Bloomingville Scalloped Round Ceramic Flower Pot ($29.99).


2. Plant Stands

A throwback shot of our living room.

Plant stands are a great way to literally elevate your plant game! If you're looking to add a mid-century modern touch to any room, a wooden plant stand is nice gateway piece that works with most styles.


Shop this idea:

Mkono Mid Century Wood Plant Stand ($31.99).

Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter With Iron Stand ($29.99).

XIMU Desktop Planter ($29.99).


3. Macramé Plant Hangers

Plant babies hanging out in the living room. I always get asked where we got this plant hanger---it's from cb2, but is (unfortunately) discontinued.

Macramé may not be top of mind when you think 'modern, minimalist decor,' but this 70s trend is back in a big way! And, why knot? Macramé plant hangers are a great way to add texture and soften the otherwise clean, hard lines of the modern aesthetic. Hanging plants up high also keeps surfaces clutter-free: a must for minimalist decor!

More macramé in the kitchen.


Shop this idea:

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger ($10.64).

Flber Macramé Plant Hanger ($30.99).


4. Belly Baskets

I'm a big fan of belly baskets. Like hanging planters, they add an effortless, bohemian feel to any room. And, they're inexpensive and oh-so-versatile; they work well as plant pot covers or as storage for blankets and magazines.


Shop this idea: