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New mom survival kit

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Are you still shopping for that new mom in your life? Or, are you a new mom who deserves a break from Christmas shopping & holiday prep? This week, I'm sharing my best ideas for useful gifts for moms with itty-bitty babes.

For me, the first three months of motherhood were BRUTAL.

I developed a new appreciation for what it feels like to be a 'hot mess.' And, I'm no stranger to a challenge; having survived med school and residency, I'm used to sleep deprivation, delayed gratification, and not having the time to prioritize my own well-being.

But, nothing prepared me for the so-called 'fourth trimester': that first three months during which your completely helpless baby struggles to adapt to the cold, loud, bright world ex utero. That time during which he's perpetually unhappy unless held or nursed (at least, that was the case with my little guy)!