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It's week two of the One Room Challenge! If you're just tuning in, I'm in the midst of transforming our family room over the course of six weeks, as a guest participant in the ORC.


Click here for Week 1


Last week, I shared the 'before' pics of our family room/TV room, as well as my goals for the space. Here's what's in store for the room, in case you missed it:

- Storage

- Shelving

- Decorative pieces

- Updated window dressings

- A fresh coat of paint to brighten things up

- Budget-friendly and sustainable options

- A minimalist-ish aesthetic. Gotta put the neatntiny spin on it!


This week, I'm sharing my mood board and design plans for the room!

I want this room to be a true 'family' room. I'd like for it to be somewhere we can relax, play boardgames, build couch forts and watch movies together. So, I've decided to go with a modern boho look---because nothing says relaxed like boho!

We already have a big, comfy, modern couch that we love---so it's staying! I'm going to add some boho and global decor touches in the form of throws, pillows and travel memorabilia.

We also need some storage in this room, so I've decided to go with open shelving and baskets. Lots of baskets!

Here's my 'mood board' for the room:

So, that's the plan, Stan!

As for where we're at so far: I've given the room a fresh, new coat of paint. Most of our walls are various shades of grey (Sherwin Williams 'Passive' in the living room/kitchen and this room was previously 'Agreeable Grey'). So, I thought I'd shake things up in here and really go for it with...wait for it...WHITE!

I know... it seems like the least adventurous, least creative option. But, I've really been feeling white walls this past year. They look fresh and are so versatile. Also, white walls complement both minimalist modern and boho decor styles, which is what we're going for in here.

The other bonus of going with white: we had some Behr 'Snowfall' leftover from the master bedroom half-wall project. So, this was a low-cost/no-waste win!


Before (way before)

This was taken before we moved into the house.

After (so far)...

Excuse the mess!

Charlie's loving this warm, bright white!

That's all for now! Tune in next week for the third of this six part series for the One Room Challenge! Don't forget to check out what everyone else has been up to here!


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