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This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure. Opposite Wall gifted me some product in exchange for social media posts. I make a small commission on products purchased using my promo code 'NEATNTINY25'. As always, opinions and content are my own.


Remember our sad little bedroom?

I'm still trying to forget...

We made it slightly less sad by getting rid of the yellow walls, adding a paint blocked pseudo-headboard:

...and some new bedding, pillows and a throw:

Still pretty sad, I know.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it's been a year since I started our so-called 'bedroom revamp' and until a week ago, nothing else had changed.

To be fair, I don't rush to fill bare walls for the sake of having something on them. Doing so is the decor equivalent of making inane small talk just to avoid silence. I prefer quiet and bare walls to half-assed conversation and decor.

For the space above our bed, I was waiting to come across something that caught my eye in a thrift shop or on Etsy.


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It was kismet that I got an email from Opposite Wall asking if I'd be interested in a collaboration.

I hadn't yet heard of Opposite Wall, but a quick scroll around their site revealed that they're an online art print shop (kind of like Minted, but based in Canada instead of the States).

They design and curate a variety of modern minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired poster prints that can be ordered with or without an accompanying oak frame.

Their prices are beyond reasonable, starting at $6.95 per poster and $14.95 per frame.

What's more, they use FSC certified paper and wood (proving their materials come from a sustainable and responsible source).

So, of course, I was excited to work with them!


Use Promo Code 'NEATNTINY25' for 25% off

your Opposite Wall order!


In exchange for some social media posts, I was gifted my choice of four posters and four frames in various sizes. What do I love more than free stuff? Free stuff of my choosing!

Within a week, the order showed up at our door.

The frames and rolled posters were packed separately, just waiting to get out of the box and mingle.

Everything looked exactly as expected based on their online appearance. The paper is matte and feels high quality.

Opposite Wall frames are like better quality, sleeker versions of IKEA frames.

They both use polystyrene instead of glass to keep cost and weight down (if you don't like the shine, you can remove it), but Opposite Wall frames are made of real oak instead of fiberboard and the backs of the frames have fasteners that are sturdy and user-friendly...

... unlike IKEA's flimsy, metal tabs:

I love me some IKEA, but who hasn't lost a fingernail trying to lift one of those goddamn tabs? If you switch out the photo one too many times, the little tabs break off. I own a few of these that have lost half their metal fasteners to my indecision (like the one above).


So, back to our bedroom before Opposite Wall art:

And now, after:

I think the minimalist/Scandinavian inspired art makes a big difference in this space, without adding much visual clutter. Perfect for zen bedroom vibes.

I added an IKEA picture ledge that serendipitously fit within the recessed part of the wall. It's handy to have a surface like this above the bed when there's no room for a bedside table.

Also, plants. Plants make everything better.

The green velvet pillow covers are from H and M Home and the vintage kilim ones are from Mae Woven on Etsy.


Use Promo Code 'NEATNTINY25' for 25% off



You may have noticed that I only used three of the four pieces I ordered from Opposite Wall. I've got something special planned for that fourth piece and will share it with you soon!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on How to Hygge Up Your Home for the Winter and another edition of Minimalist Design Crush, featuring a very talented Canadian woodworker.



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