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Do you often forget your wallet at home? Are you constantly sifting through your purse for your keys? Is the inside of your handbag marred by pen marks or makeup stains?  If so, you may need to declutter your purse! In this post, I'll show you how to organize your purse with a purse organizer.

Before my blogging 'side gig,' I was into vintage purses. I would collect them, enjoy them, and resell them. I've since shifted slightly towards a more minimalist lifestyle, and am trying to establish a capsule-like wardrobe with a few versatile accessories. I’ve whittled my way down to just five purses, each of which serves a unique purpose (read: I can't get rid of any more of them)!

But, even with just a few bags, there's the conundrum of how to transfer your essentials from one purse to another without forgetting anything. The solution? A purse organizer! 

This is essentially a 'bag within a bag' that allows you to tr