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This post contains affiliate links. See disclosure.

I'm often asked where we get the various pieces of furniture and accessories in our home. So, I thought it might be useful to add a shiny, new section to the blog, devoted solely to sourcing these things! I've also included links to similar stuff, if the actual piece isn't available online.

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You can access this feature via the new tab in the menu bar called (what else?) 'Shop Our Home.' If you click on this tab above, you'll find it's divided into subcategories for each part of the house.

This is pretty straightforward on desktop, but If you're reading this on a mobile device, it's a little more complicated; you need to click the stack of three lines (is this really the universal symbol for menu?) at the left of the screen, to open the main menu:

Once the menu pops up, click on 'Shop Our Home':

This will open a further drop down menu that allows you to shop the various rooms of our home:

I'll continue to add to this section as the blog (and our home!) progresses, so keep checking back. These pages contain affiliate links and when you click them and purchase something through the links (even if it's not the item originally linked to), I may make a small commission. Doing so comes at no cost to you and helps to support the continuation of this blog. Happy Shopping, friends!!!


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