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This week, we're kicking off's 30-Day Spring Tidying Challenge with the kitchen and dining area! Starting April 1st, I'll be posting EVERY DAY with tips and tricks for that day's task! Don't forget to subscribe for a FREE printable schedule, so you can play along at home!

If your home's anything like ours, the kitchen's the highest-traffic part of the house. So, there's no better place to start! Here's the plan for WEEK 1:

30 day spring cleaning challenge

Week 1 Tidying Schedule

Day 1: Kitchen Counters

Day 2: Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 3: Dining Area

Day 4: Cutlery & Utensils Drawers

Day 5: Tupperware Drawer

Day 6: Remainder of Kitchen Drawers, Cabinets & Pantry

Day 7: Fridge/Freezer & Remainder of Kitchen Catch Up

Before You Get Started

- Wrangle up some empty bins or boxes to designate as your 'to donate/sell,' 'recycle' and 'garbage' vessels for the casualties of this process.

- Each day's task will involve eight main steps:

1. Completely clear off or empty out the target area.

2. Clean: wipe down, dust, or vacuum the emptied area.

3. Decide which items get to stay in the target area.

4. Divide everything you cleared from the area into 4 boxes/bins:

i) belongs in the target area

ii) belongs elsewhere in the home

iii) fit to donate or sell used

iv) garbage/recycling

5. Return to the target area only those items you've decided belong there and organize the chosen items within the target area. Tune in each day for my task-specific tips, starting April 1st!

6. Redistribute the items from the 'belongs elsewhere in the house' box.

7. Donate. Take the boxes designated as 'to sell/donate' and put them somewhere out-of-sight, but accessible. You'll continue to add to these each day for the rest of the month, with the casualties of each day's tidying task. At the end of the month, you can make a trip (or several!) to your local donation bank and/or go on an online selling spree.

8. Dispose of and/or recycle items in the garbage/recycling piles.


So...are you ready for this???

Tune in again on April 1st (and every day for the rest of April!) for my tips, tricks and examples from our home for each day's task!

That's right! There will be a new post on the blog EVERY DAY in April!

Don't forget to join the Facebook group, to share your progress and ask any questions you may have!

Also, tune in weekly starting April 4th to follow our One Room Challenge progress. We'll be transforming our family room over six weeks!


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