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One of the cornerstones of keeping a tidy home (without losing your mind) is storing things where you actually use them. You've gotta make it easy to put things back where they belong.

For us, this means easily accessible storage for omnipresent stuff---like my son's toys and our chargers---in just about every room.

Baskets are my favorite way to add easy-access storage to any space:

In this post, I'll show you some of my fave baskets from our home and where you can find them---or something similar---on Amazon (.com and .ca!).


The Best Storage Baskets On Amazon

1. Felt Baskets

These stylish, yet utilitarian baskets are among my best-ever Amazon finds.


Collapsible Felt Storage Basket ($11.99,


2. Wicker Baskets

I love the way wicker baskets add texture and a natural vibe---oh, and storage!



Set of 4 Hyacinth Wicker Baskets ($61.99,​​

Click here for



3. Belly Baskets

We use a belly basket in our entryway to conceal on-the-way-out essentials, like shoe shine and mini umbrellas. The narrow opening is perfect for keeping its contents out of sight.

You can even fold these down to half their height and fit them on a shelf. This one acts as a junk drawer for odds-and-ends in our family room.

They also make cute planters.


Seagrass Belly Basket ($16.88, Click here for

White Zig Zag Belly Basket ($16.99, Click here for

Black Zig Zag Belly Basket ($17.99, Click here for


4. Rope Baskets

Gotta love the cozy texture of a good rope basket.

We got this one from CB2 (Conway Basket). But, there are a lot of nice and more budget-friendly rope baskets on Amazon.


Tall Cotton Rope Basket ($32.99, Click here for

Wide Cotton Rope Basket ($27.97, Click here for

Set of 2 Round Woven Rope Baskets ($16.99, Click here for


5. Kids' Baskets

Baskets with graphic prints make for playful storage in kids' rooms and playrooms.

These ones are from Etsy, Toys 'R Us and Umbra.


Triangle Print Toy Storage Basket/Hamper ($10.87, Click here for

Swiss Cross Basket ($18.00,

Pom Pom Basket ($24.26, Click here for


That's it for this week! Stay tuned for a future post on my favorite drawer organization accessories you can get on Amazon.


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